St. Joseph Alexandria

Sisters in the Spirit, Diocese of Arlington

SIS-eventSisters in the Spirit, Diocese of Arlington creates a network of Catholic Women of Color, guided by the Holy Spirit, inspired by the Blessed Mother ,sharing the African American Catholic Heritage and traditions through:

-programs that enlighten, express, develop and strengthen our Faith.
-compassion and service for those having spiritual, social and/or economic needs.
-striving to be a positive spiritual light and evangelizing force in the world.

Corinne Monogue, Director Multicultural Ministries Office, Diocese of Arlington encourage attendance at the 3rd National Black Sisters’ Conference National Gathering, in 2010. A “call to cation” was issued to the 405 Black Catholic Women from around the country, to “step up, step out”. It energized the eleven Black Catholic Women from the Arlington Diocese to form Sisters in The Spirit, in the Diocese of Arlington. These inspired Women came home eager, ready and committed to “make a difference” in their parish and the community.

Membership is open to ALL Catholic Women in the Diocese of Arlington, who wish to work to accomplish the vision/mission of Sisters in the Spirit.

$25.00 annual membership
To receive a Membership application, mail or e-mail your contact info to:
Sisters in the Spirit – P.O. Box 2017 Spotsylvania, Va. 22553-2017  or
540-834-2117  or   703-976-6161

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